Trains and more Trains. 10 days in July.

In the beginning of July as the Euro 2016 came to an end we went on road trip that would be the envy of many backpackers. We should probably have gotten the Euro Rail card. We started out in Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Luxembourg, Aachen, stuttgart and finally in Nurnberg.In Paris for the final the streets where almost back to normal and not a lot of supporters as we had seen only three weeks before.

Stuttgart qualifier TAWGC 2016

Kikuoka Country Club in Luxembourg

Nürnberg qualifier TAWGC 2016

Her Majesty of Sweden opens the 2016 Chio Aachen

Olympic gold medallist of 2008, Eric Lamaze, took the Turkish Airlines Prize in Chio Aachen

Turkish Delights served during the Final of Euro2016

Paris was finally quiet again….

Paris was finally quiet again….

Paris was finally quiet again….

Euro 2016 with Turkish Airlines

In June and July it was Euro 2016 ruling @ Kollektiv. Two of us travelling through France capturing, in Photo and Video, the overall event and specifically the Turkish Airlines areas and ongoing events. It hasn´t been easy at times as security measures were fierce which did not always allow us entrance in the right places even with the proper accreditation passes hanging around our necks. Nevertheless it was fun and in the end we always get what we need 🙂

One of us was permanently stationed @ the Marbella office for image processing and post-production. This included downloading everything we shot in France and also downloading all match-footage directly from the UEFA. Hours of footage from which we quickly produced short and relevant content for social media purposes. The overall project became 3,5 TB big in the end so i guess that kind of shows the amount of work that has gone into this 🙂

Please find below the final results with our congratulation to Portugal being the Euro 2016 Champion and a special thanks to Turkish Airlines for given us this opportunity. (you can find the movies of course also on Facebook Turkish Airlines)

The Final

The Semi-Finals

The Quarter-Finals

Round of 16

Turkish Airlines Hostesses

Turkish Airlines | Meet Europe´s best

June on the move with Kollektiv








Since a few years I never knew the feeling that people comment on monday mornings. To me and many like me all days are Mondays and sometimes even Sundays 🙂 It depends how you feel about your work and co workers I guess. All I can say is that I don’t have to eat at TGI…

In Bilbao we had great time even though it was raining most of the day. Co Sponsored by Porsche around a 100 people turned up to the Bilbao Qualifier of the 2016 TAWGC.

In Amsterdam at The International we had the best on course BBQ, same as last year. Nothing like the backdraft off an A380 when you try and get the fire going:)

From there I was moving a bit North to Bro in Stockholm for a SS17 Callaway Apparel ( Perry Ellis) shoot with Henni Zuel and Marc Warren.

I also had my first visit to the amazing Bro Hof Slott and Nordea Masters. Matt Fitzpatrick had his second ET win at this great backdrop.

From there we made it on to Pisa in Italy and found the perfect bench to relax and listen to stories of old. All problems have a solution here. And Pizza. Another great Qualifier event in the town of the leaning tower!

Next stop was dreamland golf course in Azerbaijan. An amazing venue that we unfortunately did not get to see much of. In the midst of it all we were held for 7 hour in the Airport before released.

And finally the city where I feel like home, NYC.

p.s I actually did forget or did suppress, Euro2016, somewhere in there in June we went to Paris and Lyon to cover three of the games. And at the moment I’m packing my bags for the Semi and Final games.