A year can be so Much… Vol. 2

What a great ride it was, and like kids on a ferris wheel, we cant wait to get back on it!

shot on 4 continents in 35 countries.
camera: Manuel Calvo, Michael Denker, Frank Knipschild, Dave Vickers
edit: Frank Knipschild
audio track by alt-Y | An Awesome Wave | Intro

– with a special thanks to Turkish Airlines who brought us safely and in great comfort to all these wonderful places –

Flashback | Outtakes with Danny Willett

Outtakes can be funny but they can also be charming at the same time. During a 2015 Callaway photoshoot with Danny Willett we captured this sequence which we would like to categorise as charming :-).

Lost in translation

Producing movies can be fairly complicated but producing them in Chinese is definitely like swimming in the dark :-). Nevertheless we managed to output a complete series of AMELS testimonial movies (x13) dedicated to the Chinese public.
Underneath you can find two examples and on http://www.amels-holland.com/cn you can find them all.

AMELS project 467

VAVAII | Refit project AMELS