Euro 2016 with Turkish Airlines

In June and July it was Euro 2016 ruling @ Kollektiv. Two of us travelling through France capturing, in Photo and Video, the overall event and specifically the Turkish Airlines areas and ongoing events. It hasn´t been easy at times as security measures were fierce which did not always allow us entrance in the right places even with the proper accreditation passes hanging around our necks. Nevertheless it was fun and in the end we always get what we need 🙂

One of us was permanently stationed @ the Marbella office for image processing and post-production. This included downloading everything we shot in France and also downloading all match-footage directly from the UEFA. Hours of footage from which we quickly produced short and relevant content for social media purposes. The overall project became 3,5 TB big in the end so i guess that kind of shows the amount of work that has gone into this 🙂

Please find below the final results with our congratulation to Portugal being the Euro 2016 Champion and a special thanks to Turkish Airlines for given us this opportunity. (you can find the movies of course also on Facebook Turkish Airlines)

The Final

The Semi-Finals

The Quarter-Finals

Round of 16

Turkish Airlines Hostesses

Turkish Airlines | Meet Europe´s best

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