Maia Fair Charter

We went back too our roots, where it all started some 10 years ago or so. Shooting Yachts. Where we all met in Monaco. Sounds romantic – its not, but what we shoot is. 🙂 This time we shot with the Panasonic Varicam in Marbella.










Interview films and language options

Here are two examples of interview films we recently produced in various languages. Translations can either be done with subtitles or we can overwrite with a new voice in the desired language. Below you will find an interview with Rob Luijendijk, CEO of Superyacht builder Amels, with Chinese subtitles and an interview with August Pernsteiner, Owner of Dominator Yachts, being overwritten from German into English.

The Amels approach with Rob Luijendijk

Talking Dominator Yachts with August Pernsteiner